Using Mood Boards to Plan Your Wedding

When you become engaged, your wedding adventure is just beginning, but it can be pretty overwhelming to suddenly be thrown into a world of wedding dresses, table plans, flower arrangements and bridal lingerie! There are so many aspects that make up a wedding, finding a uniting theme can be a really effective way to help you organize and plan your nuptials in a stress-free way.

Being imaginative and creative is a great asset, but often too many different ideas can create confusion. A good way to consolidate all your visions and plans is to make a wedding mood board. A mood board is an inspiration board full of images, themes, colors, styles and details that inspire you. This is a well-established visual method of brainstorming in the design and fashion world, and can help you to clearly see which direction you want your wedding plans to go in. It’s also a fantastic way to share your ideas with your groom, family and friends so they can get involved and help you to make decisions.

Start by leafing through wedding, interior design and fashion magazines and cutting out images that you love. You may soon find that you are drawn to a particular shade or color, or are influenced by a certain style or designer. Group your pictures together and make them into one or several mood boards – perhaps one for your venue, one for your bridal wear, and one for your food and drink! It could be that you are most inspired by a film, song, book, or vintage era – find images that show these passions and add them to your mood boards to give a real sense of the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for creating, managing, and sharing a wedding mood board.

My preference is to use the popular social app Pinterest. First of all, Pinterest is popular enough that it is likely you already have familiarity with it and may have even populated it with wedding photos as you were dreaming of your engagement day. As part of my normal workflow as a photographer, I set up a mood board and share it with my client so that they can populate it with images that reflect their preferences for color, style, poses, action, and moments that appeal to them and can inspire me. Pinterest also does a good job making other image recommendations as it learns your personal taste. I don’t use these images to change my style, but rather to shape my approach to their images.

Whether digital or printed, it is helpful to take your mood board with you when looking for wedding cakes, flowers, accessories and when you shop for your wedding gown. As you make more and more decisions and purchases for your wedding, begin to add in images of the products and locations you will be using to make a more realistic mood board to work from.

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