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Other Works

Here are a sample of portfolios from around the world covering lifestyle portraiture, behind the scenes for film and live performance, corporate assignments, reportage, fine art photography, and more! I am very fortunate that my clients hire me for my signature style and approach across such a wide variety of assignments.

Lifestyle Portraiture

Lifestyle Portraiture

When someone hires me for a portraiture, they are hiring me to capture their personality and passions. This is Lifestyle Portraiture. My objective is to learn as much about the subject or subjects so that I can create a setting for our session that is comfortable and natural. Some people say "We love the beach" however, it is not that simple. I want to know what they love about the beach. Maybe it is an experience they shared as a family like building sandcastles or digging for shells. When my clients look at these images ten years from now, I want them to stir emotions; not just be a bunch of pretty faces!

Behind the Scenes , Corporate & Product

Celebrity Cruise Entertainment

Behind the Scenes

Exeunt – The Film


Maasai Mara

Corporate & Product

Benchmark Games

Corporate & Product

Ente Parco di Portofino