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I offer my clients a wide range of services because my style is highly adaptable. My experience and technical proficiency has proven to be a competitive, and often superior alternative to those who have a single area of specialization.

Editorial Style Weddings & Events Editorial Style
The only physical memory of a wedding or special event is its photographs. I take this challenge very seriously which is why I seek to capture images that will remind you of the emotion and the action of the day. Also, since I am an organization freak, my client engagement, servicing, work-flow, and technology is curated to insure a high level of service ands preparation, pre and post the event. Wedding Packages start at $5,000 and discounts for half-day and weekday bookings may be available.
The Anthony Bourdain Approach Editorial Photography The Anthony Bourdain Approach
Anthony Bourdain's love of food paled in comparison to his love for humanity. He used food to connect with people around the world. This is my DNA which is why I have been called the "Bourdain of photography." I have been fortunate to visit over 60 countries (many multiple times) and my ability to connect with people who are much different than me, has allowed me to capture intimate editorial photography. My subjects are disarmed by the trust I build with them; sometimes only taking moments.
Blending Art & Science Commercial & Product Blending Art & Science
I have been gifted with both a function left and right brain. This allows me to optimize solutions and approaches that consider technical and artistic elements. I am not your "typical" commercial photographer because I don't specialize in it as most of my colleagues. However, that is exactly what appeals to my corporate clients. They want a fresh approach. Especially considering the importance of media in this digital world.
"You Will Never See Life The Same Way Again" Fine Art & Interior Design "You Will Never See Life The Same Way Again"
My popular fine art limited edition called the "Tree of Light" legitimized me as a fine art photographer. It was this image that even convinced me that I had a special gift of "seeing" that needed to be shared. It is hard to describe the satisfaction that comes when someone wants your work to hang in their home or office to inspire them every day. Also, the thrill and collaboration of working with interior designers to fill a hotel or restaurant with your work makes the hard work of creating something unique totally worth it!
Making Stars Out of Stars Behind the Scenes Making Stars Out of Stars
Over 20 years in the entertainment industry serving a wide array of functions has more than prepared me for the nuances of behind the scenes and promotional photography for film and liver performance. It starts with understanding how to work with some of the most sensitive and difficult people int he world - talent and creatives. You have to know how and when to get in their way while staying out of their way. Oh.... But what a thrill! Movie sets, backstage with superstars, lights, action, cameras! There is no other way to describe this area of photography. It's a 12 hour day that feels like 15 minutes.
Capturing People Being People Lifestyle Portraiture Capturing People Being People
I take a "street photography" approach to my lifestyle photography. That means that my subjects are encouraged to pretend I am not in their space and to go about their business - what ever that may be. Whether they are sitting peaceful in contemplation, or engaged in fluid action like sport or conversation, I want to capture their natural behavior. Sometimes there will be some direction, but that is typically to adjust for lighting and other circumstances I may want to help shape.

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