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Few Words About Myself Nice to Meet You

Nice to meet you my friend! My name is Greg Pai. I am a professional photographer based in New York, Los Angelas, and South Florida (though I take assignments around the world).

I have loved photography my whole life. For me, it is not only a way to express myself, but also a tool to keep me focused on the beauty and enormity of this world, and not all the “noise.” 

I have been very fortunate to serve clients across a wide array of types and assignments. From weddings to large scale commercial photo shoots, clients have trusted me to bring the highest levels of creative and technical competence to every shoot. 

I invite you to spend some time exploring my various portfolios from over 60 countries and you are inspired to create something great together!

Thank you and I look forward to serving you!

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What I use to make magic

I use a variety of high-end systems in order to meet the demands of different kinds of assignments. My arsenal includes Leica, Fuji GFX Medium Format, and Nikon D Series Systems where I adapt predominately world-class R, M, and SL mount Leica lenses. Nearly all my portable and studio lighting are Godox strobes and with a wide range of lighting modifiers. Every assignment is equipped with a specific selection of camera bodies, lenses, and lighting most suitable to produce the desired objectives and results. 

How does this happen image editing

I personally handle every aspect of an assignment with the assistance of my team when applicable. This includes onboarding a client, managing the relationship, shooting ALL the images, and final proofing, selection, and editing. This promises that every image that is delivered is handcrafted by me.

Here, I would like to show you a photo processing/editing example. Sometimes you can not see the result without a direct comparison. So I’ll show you a before and after example, where I made cropping, noise reduction, exposure/color correction, retouching, and creative color grading adjustments.

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