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17 Trends in Wedding Wear for Men

17 Trends in Wedding Wear for Men

The focus of a wedding is often on the bride, but the groom and other men involved in the ceremony also need to look terrific. Grooms, groomsmen, and fathers of the bride all need something special to wear on the big day. Here are some fantastic trends in men’s wedding fashion.


Prints are big, but still unusual enough to be a surprise. For a casual wedding on the beach, choose a shirt with an all-over colorful print. You can also use a more subtle print in ties or vests.


White formalwear was once very popular for men, and then there was a decline in this style. Now white is back and better than ever. You can dress all in white or just choose a white jacket with a black tie and pants.

T-shirt and Sneakers

Casual weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring a surprise and do something different. One popular style is to wear a t-shirt underneath your jacket and finish the outfit with a pair of sneakers. Just make sure the sneakers are new and clean.

Reception Suit

The past decade has seen many brides choosing to wear one dress for the ceremony and then change into a different dress for the reception. The reception dress is usually sexier or more casual than the gown for the ceremony.

Now grooms are doing the same thing at weddings. You might choose a tuxedo for the ceremony and then change into a more casual, fun suit for the reception. It’s all about having fun.

Textured Jacket

Textured fabrics are extremely popular for both women and men in wedding wear. Find a fantastic jacket in a fabric that people will want to reach out and touch.


This is an easy style that looks great on everyone. Simply match the color of your tie to the color of your shirt. This works with bright colors or with neutrals and even white.


The texture of brocade is luxurious and formal. Choose this fabric on your jacket or on a vest.

Checked Blazer

There are all kinds of ways to personalize a blazer and make it unique to your own style. One way is to choose a blazer with a checked pattern. This is both a fashion-forward and a vintage look.


All types of hues that have a pink tone are popular right now, but none more than burgundy. This beautiful, rich color can be used in an entire suit or just in accessories to bring finesse to your outfit.

Bare Ankles

Short pants that reveal ankles with no socks are on-trend in all kinds of fashion, and weddings are no exception.


Suspenders are an adorable fashion accessory that does more than just hold up your pants. Try out some suspenders with your wedding wear to bring personality and unique style to your outfit.


If you want to go with a dark color, navy is the popular choice. More interesting and colorful than black, navy still gives you a sophisticated look. Try a navy suit or a navy jacket with tan pants for a more casual ceremony.

Velvet Jacket

Velvet is the ultimate luxury fabric, making it right at home at a wedding. Look for a dark jacket in velvet and pair it with neutral pants This style is most appropriate for colder weather weddings.

Black Jeans

Men look great in jeans. And yes, you can wear jeans to a wedding. To follow the current trend, be sure that they are black and fit well.

Bow Ties

Bow ties aren’t just reserved for tuxedos. You can wear a bow tie with just about any outfit. It brings a fun and flirty look to your ensemble and will have you completely on-trend.


A great vest can really elevate a suit in a way that nothing else can. Try a vest with a tux or suit instead of a cummerbund for fashion-forward style.

Colorful Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an accessory that many people don’t spend time thinking about, but that is changing. Wearing a pair of vintage cufflinks has become very popular, but a pop of color in that area is trending as well.

Men’s clothing matters too when it comes to looking fantastic at a wedding. Grooms, groomsmen, and other men in the wedding party need to look amazing. Try one of these terrific trends in men’s wedding wear for fabulous style and on-trend attire.

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